ABC Cyber Hub Launch and Media Parley

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In a significant stride towards fortifying Africa’s digital resilience, the ABC Cyber Hub is set to launch, accompanied by a strategic media parley. This initiative addresses the escalating cybersecurity threats in the region, recognizing the urgency for accessible and affordable solutions to safeguard critical information infrastructure. 

The launch event, conducted in a virtual space, streaming live on LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram on 19th December, 2023, with partners – Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), Comercio,  Nithub Unilag, CISCO and Global Skill Development Council (GSDC), will feature industry specialists engaging in an insightful dialogue, shedding light on challenges and opportunities in the digital space. This event aims to inspire cyber enthusiasts to pursue careers in cybersecurity, emphasizing the role of training opportunities and competitions in securing Africa’s digital landscape.

The ABC Cyber Hub Launch and Media Parley themed “Cybersecurity Accessibility in Africa – Creating an Inclusive Cyberspace” represent a pivotal moment for Africa in its journey towards cybersecurity resilience. Through collaborative efforts, strategic investments, and a commitment to education, this initiative strives to create a secure and inclusive digital future for the continent.


ABC Cyber Hub Launch and Media Parley

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